Axletree – Gravel Metric Training Ride #1: March 30, 2013. Target: 25 Miles

Gravel Metric Training Ride #1: March 30, 2013. Target: 25 Miles

We’re doing something new this year with the Gravel Metric.

We’re helping you prepare.

Gravel Metric Training Ride #1 will be March 30, 2013.  We depart from North Central Cyclery in DeKalb, IL.  Rollout is 8:00am promptly; plan on meeting up at 7:50am, and being prepared to roll out at 8:00am.  There is ample parking behind NCC.

Bring a Helmet.  Bring lights if the weather’s inclement.  Bring your sense of adventure.  Bring a signed waiver.

Axletree NCC waiver 03.24.13

If you click on that link, you’ll get a PDF of the waiver.  Please bring a signed copy.  Do it once, and you’re good for the year.

What else do you need?  Appropriate clothing for the weather.  A sense of adventure.

What kind of bike do you need?  Well, if I were you, I’d go buy a new Titanium Salsa or perhaps a nice, shiny new Moots.

Ok, ok…what do you really need?

Really, many bikes will do.  A road bike on skinny tires (if they say something like 700×23 or 700×25, that’s skinny) will not be happy.  Your mountain bike?  It will be as happy as a clam.  Hybrid or dual-sport (like a Trek FX or the like)?  Sure.  Fatbike?  Abso-fatty-lutely.  Cyclocross bike?  Whoa there, pardner…you’ve done this before, haven’t you?  If you’re not sure if what you have can do it, stop by the shop and chat up the good folks there.  You might be just a tire swap away from a gravel hero.

These will truly be open to all abilities.  It’s a non-drop ride; everyone will have a group to ride with.  It is a gravel ride, however.  Expect that a majority of the ride will be on gravel.  Gravel conditions vary with weather–if it’s wet, gravel might be soft.  Roads may be packed or loose, smooth or rough.  It’s a training ride, remember?

The rides are self-supported.  There will be no sag wagon–though we will have moral support.  Bring your own water, and if you need food for 25 miles, bring food.  Did I mention helmets?  You do need a helmet.

We’ll have routes planned out depending on the wind direction, but plan on a headwind.  There’s always a headwind.  That’s our unofficial motto…

We don’t have hills or scenery, but at least the wind blows.

Gotta start somewhere.  March 30, 2013 at 8am is the time, North Central Cyclery is the place, you are the rider.

Join us.